Erik Bakke

Exhibitions and Performances:

2021 Platform, solo project, Lesnini Ranch, King City, California.

2020 The de Young Open, de Young Museum, San Francisco, California.

2020 Lesnini Field: Andre Dekker and Erik Bakke, site specific installations at the Lesnini Ranch, King City, California.

2019 Erik Bakke and Rupert Goldsworthy, Critical Practices Inc. and 21ST.PROJECTS, New York, NY.

2019 Erik Bakke, curated by Kevin Killian, Right Window Gallery, San Francisco, California.

2018 Erik Bakke: 1958, Blu Rose Atelier, San Francisco, California.

2017 Two person exhibition with Michael Pauker, Marriott Springhill Suites, Redwood City, California.

2016 Nothing is Here; Dada is its Name: 45 artists redefine dada, Branner Spangenberg Gallery, Redwood City, California.

2015 Roots, Menlo College, Atherton, California.

2015 Parking Lot Art Fair, San Francisco, California.

2015 Erik Bakke: A Site-Specific Installation for Thirdspace, San Jose, California. Images and information: (1. overview 2. explanation of symbols).

2014 A Collection of Fine Art Prints on Loan from Smith Andersen Editions, curated by Tom Thompson, Pacific Art League, Palo Alto, California

2014 85 Years 85 Artists, Menlo College, Atherton, California. catalogue.

2013 Backward is Forward: Layer and Impact in Printmaking: Enrique Chagoya, Hung Liu, Sam Francis, David Gilhooly, Gregory Edwards, Michael Mazur, Frank Lobdell, Andrew Romanoff, Inez Storer, Nathan Oliveira, Erik Bakke, Joan Miro, Marguerite Saegesser, Ruth Wall, Kathy Aoki, Vicky M. Chen, Tom Killion, Jessica Dunne, and Robin McCloskey, Los Gatos Museum, Los Gatos, California

2013 California Bear Flag Ontics: Dino Dinco, Rafa Esparza, Erik Bakke and the Bear Flag Museum, curated by William Trinkle and Erik Bakke, Sacramento Second Saturday Art Walk, Cuilla Brothers Auto Body Shop, Sacramento, CA.
Press release.

2013 Menlo Annual Community Show, Menlo College, Atherton, California

2012 Still ON, curated by Anna Tyczyńska, Sławek Sobczak and Krzysztof Łukomski, ON Gallery Poznań, Poland

2012 Artists� Tower of Protest, curated by Cesar Garcia (LAXART Senior Curator) in conjunction with Pacific Standard Time Performance and Public Art Festival, The Getty, Los Angeles, CA

2012 Artexchange, presentation on and display of Automated Offworld Industries project at College Art Association�s Annual Conference, Los Angeles, California

2012 Garage Sale, artists: (David Polka, Ryan McJunkin, Thomas Christopher Haag, Erik Bakke, Linda Bakke), Uptown Body and Fender, Oakland, CA

2011 Ishi Exit Strategy Hundred Year Memorial Monument, a magazine project for Drift at the invitation of E. Maude Haak-Frendscho, Drift Fall 2011 Issue 4

2011 Hierarchy of Needs, collaborative multi-day performance, artists: (Amy Susan Keefer, Maja Ruznic, Ashley Lauren Saks, Erik Bakke, Kazoo Studios, Pete Hickok), Treasure Island, San Francisco

2011 The Cries of San Francisco (an Allison Smith project), Southern Exposure, San Francisco, CA

2011 The First California Bear Flag with Erik Bakke, performance and display of work, Royal NoneSuch Gallery, Oakland, CA

2010 The Bowery in Two Inadequate Descriptive Systems, artists: (Erik Bakke, Chris Bogia, Christopher Brooks, Rupert Goldsworthy, Juliet Jacobson, Jane Kaplowitz, Christopher Milne, Gerald Pryor), rupert goldsworthy gallery, New York

2010 100 Years of Freedom, solo exhibition, Smith Andersen Gallery, Palo Alto, CA

2010 Five Centimeters Short, artists: (Desiree Holman; David Huffman, Tracey Emin, Bruce Conner; Erik Bakke), Erik Bakke, curator, rupert goldsworthy gallery, Berlin, Germany

2009 New artists' books, Rupert Goldsworthy Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2009 The Shop: Summer Blowout, Silverman Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2008 The Art of Democracy The Final Days of George W. Bush, Max Mellenthin curator, Inferno Gallery, Oakland, CA

2008 Ishi Ishii: 31 Years of Freedom, August 29, 1911 to August 29, 1942, solo exhibition, Brian Storts curator, Queen's Nails Annex Extensions, San Francisco, CA

2007 Opposite City Hall: Politics & Art in Silicon Valley, Co-curated by Paula Kirkeby (Smith Andersen Editions) & Gerald Brett (Site Creations), Pacific Art League, Palo Alto, CA

2007 Untitled: Saddam Hussein, Paintings by Erik Bakke, solo exhibition, William Kaizen curator, University Gallery at UMass Lowell, Lowell, MA

2006 Rose Bowl Flea Market Biennale, Sergio Mu�oz-Sarmiento curator, at the invitation of the Outpost for Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, CA

2006 Myth Thing, Rupert Goldsworthy curator, Ritter/Zamet, London, England

2006 Twelfth Year Group Exhibition, Jane Salvin curator, The Heritage Fine Arts Collaborative, San Jos�, CA

2006 Art Sale 10, The LAB, San Francisco, CA

2005 Site Creations Mural Project at 989A Market Street, San Francisco, CA

2005 Different Artists, Different Mediums, Brenda Cook curator, Charleston, SC

2005 VII Sal�n Internacional de Arte Digital, Centro Cultural Pablo de la Torriente Brau, Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba

2005 Art Sale 9, The Lab, San Francisco, CA

2005 Fools, Works, San Jos�, CA

2004 Drawing Room Paintings: Thirteen Landscapes after Eighty Speeches by Zarathustra Featuring John Walker Lindh in the Company of Officers of the Mexican War (1846-1848); Malcolm X; Video Game and Children's Storybook Characters; and Artifacts of the Aztec and Mayan Civilizations, solo exhibition, Thin Air Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2003 Love Hangover, The Gallery, New York, NY

2003 From Charleston to New York, Brenda Cook curator, The Gallery, Charleston, SC

2003 Gun and Wound, Alisoun Meehan curator, White Box Annex, New York, NY

2003 The Weatherby Painting, solo exhibition, 450 Broadway Gallery, New York, NY

2002 Ecstasy Falls, curation and exhibition at invitation of Jeff Gleich, g-module, Paris, France

2002 Snapshot, The Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, Ridgefield, CT

2001 Politics and Justice, Stefano Pasquini and Marco Mango curators, Festival de l�Unita di Modena, Italy

2001 Dear Helen and other Salutations, solo exhibition, Trans Hudson Gallery (Project Room), New York, NY

2001 Snapshot, Contemporary Museum, Baltimore, MD

2000 Taking Pictures, Jolanta Gora-Wita curator, Monique Goldstrom Gallery, New York, NY

2000 Re: Duchamp, Artists� Museum, Lodz, Poland

2000 Taking Pictures, Galerie Hofmeisterhaus, Massing, Germany

1999 Y Pay 2k, Joseph Szoecs curator, Trans Hudson Gallery, New York, NY

1999 Out of Y 2 K, im n iL, Brooklyn, NY

1999 Taking Pictures, Jolanta Gora-Wita curator, Salzstadel (Fotogalerie LichtSchatten), Regensburg, Germany

1999 Taking Pictures, Jolanta Gora-Wita curator, Siemens Gallery, Munich, Germany

1999 Chunk 3, group exhibition, Jorgensen Gallery, New York, NY

1999 Post-Postcard 3, Julie Deamer organizer, {four walls, San Francisco, CA

1999 Portrait Show, Jorgensen Gallery, New York, NY

1999 The Road Show, DFN Gallery, New York, NY

1999 Five and Ten, Rotunda Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

1998 White on White, performance, Holland Tunnel Art Project, Brooklyn, NY

1998 Mega Salon Portrait Show, Jorgensen Gallery, New York, NY

1998 One on One, Max Fish, New York, NY

1998 Apocolypse Now, Brandon Ballengee curator, Here Gallery, New York, NY

1998 Reading Between the Lines, group exhibition, Rotunda Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

1997 The Observatorium: Collected Reflection, performance at the invitation of The Observatorium (Geert van de Camp, Andre Dekker, Ruud Reutelingsperger), Art in General, New York, NY

1997 In Loving Memory, installation, Meta-Phiz Gallery, New York, NY

1997 Terra Bomba; Part II, performance at invitation of Brandon Balleng�e, Exit Art/The First World, New York, NY

1996 Dionysus and Apollo Give Birth, performance, Jacqui Taylor-Basker curator, Westbeth Gallery, New York, NY

1996 Next to the Border, Thomas Sokolowski curator, University of New Mexico, Las Cruces, New Mexico

1996 Venice Alumni Exhibition, Casa Italiana, New York, NY

1995 Solo exhibition, Spoleto, Charleston, SC

1995 Artist's Choice, Goin Gallery, Charleston, SC

1995 MA Exhibition, 80 Washington Square East, New York, NY

1994 Pacific Rim Art Now '94, Otaru Municipal Art Museum, Otaru, Japan

1994 Threesome, with Karen King and Camille Norment, Rosenberg Gallery, New York, NY

1993 Absent Art, installation, Gallery ON, Poznan, Poland

1993 Solo exhibition, Art and Business Gallery, Poznan, Poland

1993 Artists� Books, Gallery ON, Poznan, Poland

1993 Solo exhibition, Gallery Polony, Poznan, Poland

1993 The Wine Drinker, street performance, Venice, Italy

1993 Works in Progress, NYU, Venice, Italy

1992 Solo exhibition, BWA Gallery, Poznan, Poland

1992 Absent Art, installation, Gallery ON, Poznan, Poland

1992 Works in Progress, NYU, Venice, Italy

1992 Solo exhibition, Gallery ON, Poznan, Poland

1991 Solo exhibition, Gallery Invisible, Nishinomiya, Japan

1990 California Artists, Allegra Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

Curatorial Projects:

2016 Place, artists: (Brandon Balleng�e; Dino Dinco; Tracey Emin; Nicole Eisenman; David Huffman; Joan Linder; Brooke Singer; and Gwenn Thomas), Art Projects International, New York, New York

2013 California Bear Flag Ontics, artists: (Dino Dinco; Rafa Esparza; Erik Bakke; and the Bear Flag Museum), curated by William Trinkle and Erik Bakke, Sacramento Second Saturday Art Walk, Cuilla Brothers Auto Body Shop, Sacramento, CA

2010 Five Centimeters Short, artists: (Desiree Holman; David Huffman, Tracey Emin, Bruce Conner; Erik Bakke), rupert goldsworthy gallery, Berlin, Germany

2005 Site Creations Mural Project, artists: (Erik Bakke; Kathryn Dunlevie; David Huffman; Tae Kitakata; Mitsy Avila Ovalles and Ricardo Rodriguez; and Brian Storts and Chika Sato), Red Ink Studios at 989A Market, San Francisco, CA

2005 Strange But All Ours, Kang Hong Seok, with Gerald Brett as String Curatorial Team, San Francisco, CA

2002 Ecstasy Falls, artists: (Erik Bakke, Katherine Bernhardt, Sanford Biggers, Nate Lowman, Marcy Freedman, Brian Storts), g-module, Paris

2001 Think...1.2.3...Think, artists: (Rupert Goldsworthy, Jocelyn Taylor, Vargas Suarez Universal), Im n Il, Brooklyn, NY

1999 Memento Mori, (artists: Mike Bidlo, Carol Bove, Andre Dekker, Cosimo di Leo Ricatto, Laura Emrick, David Huffman, William R. Kaizen, Komar and Melamid, Drew Lowenstein, Andrea Mihalovic, Carla Norton, Allison Shields, Brian Storts, Gordon Terry, Benji Jasper Whalen, Holly Zausner). Star67, Brooklyn, NY

1998 TIGHt: sphincteric arhatship, (artists: Carol Bove, Meredith Danluck, Mark Giglio, Michelle Lopez, Drew Lowenstein, Adam Raymont, Carleen Sheehan, Gordon Terry, Jon Widman, Alan Wiener), Trans Hudson Gallery, New York, NY

1997 Canny, (artists: Brandon Balleng�e, Christian Brown, David Henry Brown Jr., Lauren Garfinkel, Bob Griffin, Robert Medvedz, Ward Shelley, Gordon Terry, Debora Warner, Holly Zausner), Art Projects International, New York, NY


2006- Managing Editor, Aftershock Magazine, San Francisco, CA

2002-2003 New York Art Editor of Italian culture magazine Collezione Edge, New York, NY.

1998, 2001-2002 Managing Editor of NY Arts Magazine, a 100 page monthly

on contemporary art, New York, NY

1999-2000 Art Editor for Website Indieplanet. Managed a platform devoted

to contemporary art, New York, NY


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1994 MA, Studio Art and Environmental Art, New York University

1987 BA, English, University of California at Berkeley