Erik Bakke

2018 Lavender Ratio Series

The "lavender ratio" is pi over two. The term "lavender ratio" came out of
working on this series. The series started with consideration of Ivy Bottini's design of the
National Organization of Women's logo (see the first image below) and her subsequently having
to leave NOW for being part of the "lavender menace"--for being lesbian. The ratio was
determined by deciding what the relationship of the sides of a rectangle would have to be if a
circle inscribed within that rectangle had exactly one half the area of the rectangle. The answer
is that if the inscribed circle has a diameter of one (and thus one side of the rectangle must be
one) then the longer side of the rectangle must be pi over two. For further discussion of the
lavender ratio see the text written at the bottom of the first two paintings below.

All paintings depicted here are in total 24 x 12 x 1.5 inches (the lavender ratio portion of the
paintings is approximately 18.85 x 12 inches). The paintings are acrylic on birch panel. All were
painted in 2018.